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Most people who are interested in telekinesis and the metaphysical sciences naturally wonder which manifestation techniques and mind over matter practices are most effective. Over long periods of time, our new age civilization has lost touch with the underlying truths of spirituality and metaphysics. Due to the influence of the Information Age, much of this ancient and sacred knowledge is now becoming quite readily available. For example, by now we are discovering more about the possibility of life on other planets, new life forms on our own planet, uncovering many of our own psychic powers, along with information concerning psychokinesis, chakras, and many yoga techniques. More than a century of research thoroughly covered in This Is PK repeatedly proves the existence of telekinesis. This eBook brings us right back in direct touch with the supernatural, and teaches you how to use it for instant karma change.

To help readers develop these abilities, guided chakra meditation techniques are used. The author provides extensive and highly practical methods, for developing your telekinetic abilities to its fullest potential. Naturally, when readers follow the author's instructions for working with this energy, their lives naturally become unlimited in potential. Accordingly, This Is PK is a quite effective tool for easily learning how to control this extraordinary cosmic energy.

In fact, it is unlike any other resource available on real paranormal activity, mind power, meditation and the highest spiritual truths. It proves to readers in many ways that it is undoubtedly real. Now, this is one of the best resource on the Internet today for developing true knowledge about real psychic experience. Instead of making false and groundless claims, this eBook gives experiment results, which indeed does indeed verify the reality of these phenomenon.

There are many strong connections between the supernatural and some metaphysical practices. This Is PK shows you the most closely guarded ancient yoga and meditation secrets about immediately developing these abilities by chakra control. Anybody can learn how to use this energy to easily move mountains in life, and to simply affect mundane objects such as a refrigerator just for the fun of it! On the other hand, you can use this same force to experience life from the highest pinnacles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. This Is PK helps readers to make sense of this, all within the context of real paranormal activity.

Unlike other books on psychokinesis and guided meditation techniques, which can be quite useless, incomprehensible, obsolete and obscure, This Is PK does not make the ridiculous claims that everybody will be able to move objects. However, we will do make the bold statement that anybody can benefit by simply learning to work with telekinesis! By using this manuscript, readers learn how to easily, naturally and immediately raise, amplify, control and directly unleash this divine power. The author shows readers that there is a conscious superhuman energy within all of us that can be used for many incredible purposes. He shows readers specifically how this has all been proven by the author's extensive research in the theory of mind science, quantum mechanics and paranormal activity. This manuscript gives readers the most practical insights, for finally using this force in their everyday lives.


                                        ISBN#: 978-0-615-23737-4

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