Effective Ways to Access the Subconscious Mind?

Over time, mankind has discovered a part of himself that is connected with infinite intelligence and all power. This part of our mind is called the subconscious and many people are beginning to learn about how to use it to manifest the lives that they have always wanted. Many people use it for healing, well being and meditation. The issue is how do we access the subconscious mind and what are the most effective methods?

The first technique for accessing the subconscious mind that I will review is pendulum dowsing. This part of our mind has so much information stored into it from the time that we were born. Many people use the pendulum to ask questions to obtain answers that they would have no other way of knowing. Statistically, pendulum dowsing and other forms of divination have been proven as effective means of accessing and stimulating the subconscious mind.

Believe it or not, casting spells is certainly a way to access the subconscious mind along with things like affirmations. Actually, spells and affirmations are essentially like the same. In both instances, there is an objective and we are trying to use the mind power of the subconscious mind to alter reality. The main difference is only in the way that they are executed; spells require some sort of ritual while affirmations are to be spoken and read ideally at specific times.

Another quite effective and fascinating way of making contact with the subconscious mind is through hypnosis. Generally the hypnotists can create some sort of change in a person’s life by communicating with the subconscious or consciousness while the subject is in a trance. In order to put a subject into a trance, it is necessary to perform what is called a hypnotic induction. After that, the person enters into a trance state, where there subconscious mind is more susceptible to input and influence.

Telekinetic hypnosis is a relatively new concept that has been developed from the large amount of PK research. This research has verified that PK or ‘telekinesis’ is a quite effective and powerful mind over matter force for manifestation and mind control. In  terms of hypnosis, we are in the realm of mind control. Based on my personal experience with PK abilities, it is obviously a better way to approach hypnosis. Its all a matter of learning how to tap into your innate telekinetic powers, and the resource This Is PK is best for learning about that.

Mantra chanting repetitiously is certainly a means of accessing the subconscious mind. Some mantras are so powerful that they can do amazing things like move objects and create instant miracles. This Is PK manuscript also discusses how some mantra yoga techniques are directly connected to telekinetic powers of the subconscious mind. it is important to learn all that is possible about how PK mind power works, especially in relation to the subconscious. That way, whatever walk of life one is in, one is able to use a superhuman force of the mind to induce change and increase control.

To learn more about the most effective way to access the superhuman powers of the subconscios mind, just click on the image below:

the mind

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