Easily Use the Power of (PK) and Manifest all Desires! 


 This manuscript contains extensive information that truly equips most readers to easily develop and begin using telekinetic powers for many manifestation purposes. 




This Is PK was written by a most enlightened specialist in mind power meditation, psychic phenomenon and yogaIt is truly one of the best out of many metaphysical books ever released to the public. The manuscript teaches all readers many ways of manifestation by using telekinesis. The Author has made some fascinating discoveries in the science of mind, and the chakras, that finally exposes how PK truly functions, and the best approaches for naturally controlling it.

Accordingly, the purpose of this manuscript is to teach readers how the practice of mystic yoga is directly connected to developing and experiencing telekinesis. And, to show how working with PK is most beneficial to humans life. This enables readers to finally verify something that many people want to manifest, better understand, experience and begin to control—the unlimited superhuman PK force. Most people who know this information immediately begin to readily use this extraordinary energy for unlimited success and good karrma.

The many secrets about working with PK are something that most people obviously know quite little about. All of that information is kept most secret among the world's most elite scientists, military officials and some scholars. Still, this subject is by now obviously something that most people have already heard about. All who study this manuscript understand why working with this mind energy is truly beneficial to human life. Naturally, reading This Is PK is the best way to easily grasp the concept of how this all works; and begin to apply your psychic and mind control skills whenever they are needed to finally experience the best that life has to offer.

This most spectacular breakthrough truly does verify that there is still naturally connection between some forms of metaphysics, many spiritual practices and PK itself. While telekinesis is now among the world's most fast growing areas within some areas of science, the author's profound findings have emerged. By now, many people all around the world finally realize that it is most beneficial on all levels to begin working with the secret techniques provided within This Is PK manuscript.

Understanding how to begin working with this cosmic power is the easiest way to induce the most desirable changes in life and circumstances. These breakthroughs have profound implications that are all important to grasp and put to use. Modern breakthroughs in the area of telekinesis have all captivated the careful attention, in addition to enormous funding and investigation from many of the world's most prominent researchers in both mainstream and occult sciences.


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The F.P. Discovery enables all who learn about it to easily make sense of how PK works, and to easily control it whenever it's needed. Secret knowledge concerning the F.P. naturally allows all of those aware of it to finally benefit from the potential, and properties of PK. Knowing how this all functions on deeper levels determines our ability to perceive it, direct it, and easily program it at any distance, to facilitate the manifestation of whatever is wanted or needed! Fortunately, by the unique experience of the Author, the absolute truth about this subject matter is now available for all to realize and experience.

Now, exactly what is PK? It is a scientifically verified power of the mind that most people can use, which makes them capable of easily and effortlessly influencing this material plane. This Is PK analyses it in such a way that readers can easily understand and immediately begin using it, for whatever they may need or desire. Many people already know that PK can naturally create real supernatural and paranormal phenomenon, such as moving objects at any distance, bending of metals, superhuman strength, mind over matter, healing, and real levitation. That has already been proven in many controlled scientific studies, which Chapter 5 and 6 extensively discuss. PK is now being widely used all over the world, particularly among some scientists, for many other constructive, creative and beneficial purposes. This manuscript presents guided chakra mediation techniques that will enable readers to become masters at controlling their PK.   

This Is PK is truly one of the most useful and valuable resources of all time, because it specifically highlights the relationships between the human consciousness and its direct effects on matter. This wonderful work makes readers quite well aware of the connections naturally touching spirituality, technology and mysticism. This resource makes readers aware of how these energies naturally work, which enables readers to easily and immediately begin controlling "true PK."  This manuscript answers many questions lurking in the thoughts of many for so long, such as: "How powerful is the mind, and how can I use it to create the life and circumstances that I've always wanted?"


Usually, most people who already know about PK want to proceed further, and learn exactly how to use and experience it firsthand. This book concerning higher consciousness is the key to better understand the supernatural, and finally put it to use for your benefit. All of this information remained secret and undisclosed, until it was experimented with by the scientific method; and substantial research had been conducted in the area.  

The existence of PK was then confirmed by professional investigators, along with some of the world's top governments, universities, and scientists. The word psychokinesis is a semantic combination of the term 'psyche' meaning mental and 'kinetic,' which means movement. Everybody already naturally possesses this gift. Now, the next step is to use the right resource, for awakening this higher state of consciousness; by using the personal development training provided by This Is PK. The book teaches how this divine power can be utilized, for producing wellness on all levels, perseverance, unlimited prosperity, abundant living, higher achievement and managing destiny.

Studying this information regarding PK enables anybody to easily and immediately use it; by practicing the approaches and advise from the Author. By working with the highest and most mystic form of meditation, readers immediately realize their greatest potential. Persistently working with these practices makes one fully aware of our innate abilities to easily remove all obstacles, attract what is needed, and most fulfill the most crucial desires. Those who are "meditators," yogis, healers and other practitioners find that this guide provides plenty of information that makes their practices most effective. For all who are not already familiar with how the mind really works, and its true potential, This Is PK is a great resource for the most exposure. In addition, it is an opportunity to understand and experience an approach that is already scientifically verified to work. In addition, it is a fact that developing PK naturally heightens one's intuition within the sixth chakra, the Third Eye ("sixth sense"). 

Obviously, just like any other form of energy, telekinesis has its own unique functioning principles, which many of the world's most gifted scientists know about quite well. Aside from personally learning from these experts, the best way to learn the real functioning principles of this energy for yourself, and immediately begin using it to manifest your dreams is by reading this life-transforming book. The Author obviously has extremely unique breadth of knowledge in this area, which is based on his discoveries and breakthroughs. In addition, leading professionals in this field, and their scientific discoveries are also disclosed throughout this manuscript for all readers to better realize how it truly works. This Is PK enables anybody to easily work with its material, which immediately will begin to benefit readers!

After having a personal experience with one's PK, one will naturally understand and increase conscious awareness of its potential. By analogy, electricity and sound must be understood quite well before they can be used. Telekinesis is no different. One must clearly understand using these rules of operation, before one can begin applying it for the most important manifestations. This Is PK will disclose the mysteries that help readers to clearly understand this subject. In addition, it naturally opens the doors of good fortune, by teaching readers how to finally rise to their highest potential.

Again, understanding the author's "FP discovery" is truly the most practical and intelligent way to learn about developing true PK, and to become aware of how it naturally functions. There are obviously many myths concerning this inner strength, and this book is excellent for dispelling all of that. Since the absolute truth is what sets us free, knowing the realities about PK, and what it takes to immediately begin using it is truly the key to fulfillment and wellness. Many people have already tried other approaches, which may or may not have worked.

By now, this phenomenal psychokinesis is the only supernatural ability that has been scientifically verified, by the world's leading authorities, including some of the top militaries. This new age resource will uncover all of that for readers to easily grasp and understand. The author's exceptional skill in this area empowers readers to immediately benefit in so many ways. This manuscript is the best way to elevate your spiritual life, and gain the metaphysical powers that you've always wanted. The F.P. Discovery is certainly the best point of reference concerning PK in action as it naturally functions. Understanding this breakthrough is absolutely essential for using it, amplifying it, and controlling it to the fullest for the most benefit.

PK is being formally studied and developed now more than ever before, especially in relation to technology that works with the energy. This Is PK is indeed one of the best works of literature ever published, for learning how to control your mind for easily "evoking" and controlling this force. In addition, this manuscript discusses exciting new breakthroughs in the area of PK (psi), along with information on using that as a most powerful tool.


To immediately access this exciting manuscript:

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This resource will reveal for readers how modern work with quantum mechanics and parapsychology have already proven the fact of PK, while all of this exciting information has somehow remained a secret for quite a while. In terms of the F.P Discovery, it's interesting to realize that science, mysticism and technology have all, since the most ancient times, been naturally interrelated subject matters; studied collectively within the subject of metaphysics and "alchemy."  Many people initially believed that it was some kind of "occult" power.  And now, PK has expanded into one of the largest fields in the science of mind. This Is PK presents the safest, fastest, and most reliable approaches, for training anybody to easily develop, experience and immediately begin using psychokinesis.

This eBook specifically addresses your needs to know:
How to manifest, experience, trigger, and amplify your own PK.

About the truth concerning PK, and how its best-kept secrets are connected to recent breakthroughs in the scientific community that are most exciting! 
How one of the most modern discoveries in parapsychology known as the Fridge Phenomenon (F.P.) is a direct result of the author's extraordinary mystical powers.

How all of this has already been proven by countless experiments, by some of top universities in the world including Stanford and Duke.

How the author's F.P. breakthrough does further verify the existence of PK, along with the far reaching implications, for all who want to experience permanent prosperity, abundance and good fortune!
How the exact same power directly involved with the F.P. can be easily used and controlled by anybody, for drastically improving their entire lives, and manifesting all that is most needed and deeply desired.

How quantum mechanics and physics experts have already confirmed the absolute truth about the F.P. discovery, in addition to the extensive paranormal investigation reports.

Ways of easily using PK, and immediately projecting, programming and direct it at any distance.

About experiments involving the Author, which obviously uncover the functioning principles of PK.

After reading this manuscript, one is easily able to:

Understand and explain the true nature, origins and purposes of the techniques presented, and how they are all connected with PK. In addition, how this information can now be used by anybody to experience the most incredible manifestations. 

Realize how some Buddhist principles are connected to further understanding why PK works the way that it does.

Know that using your PK is real, which already has been repeatedly proven and replicated in many paranormal experiments, as a means of directly affecting and controlling it at any distance. This obviously includes our ability to quite easily and directly influence the outcome of most events, circumstances and situations by using your psychokinetic powers!

Know your chakras can be used to access the strongest PK abilities, especially when using the third eye properly.

Understand how anybody can attract further abundance, stop financial problems, alter reality, increase personal security and protection from evil, by simply summoning this inner strength!

Explain new approaches for easily, naturally, and effortlessly acquiring many other psychic skills, such as clairvoyance and mind reading.

Know what symptoms to expect after third eye opening and general chakra conditioning.
Easily explain to others how the F.P. and PK have already been verified by extensive psychical research. And, how they are being used for universal applications by people worldwide.
Learn to manage the unfolding of your destiny, by training your subconscious with the Master of PK himself.
Clearly understand and explain to others why using the author's exclusive metaphysical approaches are the greatest means of personal empowerment and learning to transcend any limits by using PK.
This eBook is Critical for Empowerment Primarily Because:
Most people have no clue about how their own minds really work, or how they can be used to attract many blessings, which includes everything that they have always wanted the most.

Many people are also not clear on how thee ancient philosophy to immediately trigger PK, or how the activities prescribed in this manuscript activate great clairvoyant abilities.

Since PK awakening in society is now at an all-time high, and this is only predicted to exponentially increase by the upcoming decades, people ought to get a glimpse into the future of our civilization.

By now, PK is obviously a scientific fact, and this eBook exposes the stark reality of working with it that you most likely won't find presented this clearly anywhere else!

This Is PK showcases real mystical experience in a fun and captivating way that anybody can connect with and truly benefit from.

This manuscript is a practical, quite safe, and the most practical tool for learning to acquire  superhuman abilities, to effectively shape now and your future by managing your trends and materializing your dreams!

Why many people need to immediately read This Is PK:

It concerns the essence of metaphysics, and how it can be used to only attract the very best.

The author trains readers in practical concepts that they can immediately begin to use for many purposes, including personal transformation and self empowerment.

Directly concerns how this is all connected to something most people are already quite familiar with--The refrigerator!

To further verify PK, and realize how it can amplify the potency of the subconscious, which is essential for manifestation.

It is a classic resource for using telekinetic powers to manifest abundance and the satisfaction that is most important.

This eBook gives readers a vivid glimpse into the future of our new age, which is marked by a major increase in PK development and activity.

Clearly explains and presents the F.P. Discovery, along with its far-reaching implications for all to easily understand, enhance and build upon!

Literally puts the magic of PK right at your fingertips, for all purposes, in addition to personal development techniques.

                                    Table of Contents and Chapter Excerpts

                                     Chapter 1- Briefing on Psychokinesis:

Chapter 1 Excerpt: "PK manifests in unlimited ways that can be studied and observed within the context of Psi. PK is more ancient than folklore. It is now the most heavily studied area in the realm of parapsychology. It is the ability of organisms to effect other organisms without the use of normal sensory mechanisms."

                                     Chapter 2- Meditation and True PK:

Chapter 2 Excerpt: "When referring to yoga, we really mean the process of linking our souls with the supreme absolute truth. The ultimate perfection of all life naturally should be our aim. According to the Vedas, the most authoritative information concerning the transcendental plane of perfection is known as 'Nirvana

                                       Chapter 3- Yoga and the Metaphysical:

Chapter 3 Excerpt: "The principles of science and metaphysics are one and the same, and they always have been. These principles by definition can not be fabricated by anybody, and they are universal laws. It comes from that has been passed down over the ages and encoded into all of our societies and cultures."


                     Chapter 4- Spiritualistic Mediums and Early PK Investigation:

Chapter 4 Excerpt: "According to Price, the table levitated several times during the seance, and it remained in the air for many seconds. At one point, it even rose well above the heads of everybody sitting. Two of the legs broke away from the table, which produced a loud sound. The whole table eventually snapped suddenly and the top broke into two pieces. At the same time, the legs that remained on the table crumbled up..."
                                       Chapter 5-Modern Institutional PK Research and Findings:

Chapter 5 Excerpt: "It is universal force that pervades all matter; it can not be eliminated from anything; electricity. It has polarity; It can radiate over any distance and conducts through metals, glass and fabric; It can be transferred from one body to another; it is often luminous and visible; it is especially harnessed within the human body."

                                       Chapter 6- PK and Natural Healing Among Humans:

Chapter 6 Excerpt: "Many people do not realize how sensitive to psychological factors many diseases are. Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of our times. However, most forms of cancer are curable by orthodox medicine and certainly can be prevented. In fact, cancer is extremely sensitive to our psychological ups and downs.

                                        Chapter 7-Bioenergetic PK Energy Healing Techniques:

Chapter 7 Excerpt: "In many cases, we would never make it into the laboratory without somebody reporting unusual and compelling observations in their environment."

                                         Chapter 8: Introducing the Fridge Phenomenon (F.P.):

Chapter 8 Excerpt: "The FP highlights the increasing integration between Eastern and Western cultures and traditions. It was born from a marriage between Eastern mysticism and transcendental thought on the one hand, with the essence of Western-mechanistic thinking, culture and technology on the other. Along those lines, the FP provides an entirely new way of studying, observing and proving the stark reality of PK, within the context of so much more."

                                           Chapter 9- Empirical Research for the F.P.:

Chapter 9 Excerpt: "The eBook medium of communication is the best way to illustrate this psychokinetic phenomenon. I hope that these records give readers a clear idea of the FP's true nature. I consider the records of my PK experiences quite priceless because it is hard to find recorded instances of how PK truly works from the inside...and where it relates to modern machinery that we are all familiar with. By now, so many people have heard of PK, but they are not sure about exactly what it means and how it works. Since just about everybody has a refrigerator, it is easy to use it as a frame of reference for understanding how PK works."

                                           Chapter 10-Eye Witness Testimonials:

Chapter 10 Excerpt: "I was sitting in my friend's bedroom with Guru Gita and two others. We started talking about the flickering-light phenomenon, and instances where he has done this at will. While we were talking about it, the light in the room blacked out for a few seconds. We were all taken by surprise while sitting still in total darkness. Nobody was standing anywhere near the light switch, and it obviously lost its electric charge in some other mysterious way."

                                          Chapter 11-Controlled Experiments with the F.P.:
Chapter 11 Excerpt: "Everybody has a refrigerator and is familiar with how they work. During many trials of PK experimentation with my refrigerator, I proved it... The major advantage of this experiment is that it removes the obstacle of doubt regarding...

                                          Chapter 12- PK Triggers:

Chapter 12 Excerpt: "Anything that can be consciously triggered is by definition under some degree of control. As one who has worked with psychokinetic forces on a daily basis, I naturally have discovered a lot about how to trigger it, control it, and amplify it. This certainly includes specialized PK guided internal dowsing secrets. I believe that one key to happiness and increased influence over matter is to integrate these triggers into our daily lives. In this chapter you will find a sample of things that I have discovered which easily and immediately trigger PK in anybody."

                                         Chapter 13- Psychotronic Apparatus:
Chapter 13 Excerpt: 'Psychotronics' is a term that denotes the merging of psi advancements and engineering technology. It is literally "the projection or transmission of intent by an individual  using an emitting device." It is also regarded as projection of the consciousness so amplified that it actually becomes a physical or chemical force. According to many scientists, some nations have made significant progress towards practical application of PK."


To immediately access this exciting manuscript:

$19.97 USD


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