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SKBYI Society is a publishing society for content pertaining to yoga, "religion," spirituality and metaphysics. This organization provides author services for our members, and we are operated by devotees of Lord Krishna. Please note that devotees of the Lord are variegated and diverse just as any other group of people. And, that SKBYI is a group of open-minded devotees who are interested in networking with people from myriad spiritual paths. We work closely with our member authors/writers around the world who seek maximum exposure for their work, via quality professional publishing, marketing, public relations and distribution. Although our organization has a publishing division, anybody can benefit from the resources, tools and information that we make available.

Our blog is intended to ensure that members and anybody considering membership are on the same page and "up to speed" in the realms where we operate. The blog is also important tool for helping the public to understand the nature of our organization and the kinds of material that we help people to publish, market and promote. It is a communication channell for reaching both publics and members; and to support them along the path of spiritual life. Therefore our Blog is a crucial part of our organizational communication!

Please note that only work which "furthers the bylaws, spiritual aims and objectives of our religious organization" is accepted and publishedor promoted. SKBYI recognizes that becoming a successful author or writer is a lofty goal, yet it is a very realistic one as a doorway to leadership and influence in the world. It is one of the most powerful ways of using your karma to maximize personal independence and autonomy in the world at large. As a form of public service, writing for the spiritual purification of the planet is indeed a worthy cause and also quite rewarding. Our yoga society also consults with those who are considering a career in this end of journalism, to advise them specifically on how our services may benefit them.

Our team of professional journalists and public relations executives are formally trained to give anybody access to the entire global book retail market for their religious/spiritual or metaphysical literature. We have a highly experienced team of legal professionals and scholars to handle all cyberlaw, international law, intellectual property (copyright and trademark) and digital rights management issues for our members. We also provide writers access to the largest book retail and distribution chanells in the world (i.e Baker & Taylor, Inghram, and Books In Print, Barnes and Noble and Amazon), in addition to alternate book distribution channels over the Internet. Our author's are given direct access to our ever-expanding network of partners around the world in both new and used book stores, for direct distribution and sales. We provide the full gamut of publishing, marketing and public relations services for our members, including: Print on Demand; cover design; professional copy editing and graphic design; web site construction; Internet marketing; placement in mainstream bookstores both on and off of the World Wide Web.

Our members gain more for the investment in their work, particularly because of our focus on organizational development and maximizing exposure over the Internet and bringing clients up to speed in e-commerce for this new economic paradigm. In that sense, working with our organizations gives authors benefits on much higher levels. Our wish is that our blog serve as a powerful point of reference, concerning the nature of literature that we publish and work with, in addition to the inherent values of our yoga society.

While we are technically a "Religious Corporation," we do not associate or identify with any given religion whatsoever. Therefore, we are open to publishing works from all religious backgrounds that we are not fundamentally opposed to. This Church maintains that it is time for the world's denizens to simply look within themselves for the most powerful solutions to all of life's problems. In addition, This House is a great resource for empowering the powerless in society to achieve some degree of autonomy, independence and financial freedom. Publishing in this digital information age is indeed the most powerful way of communicating with the whole world efficiently, while also realizing your dreams of profiting immensely from your hard work!

If interested in our author relations and publishing services, then please contact us for more information, and we will be happy to help you set up an account based on your needs. Our expertise in Internet marketing and global distribution is quite sophisticated, "second-to-none," and also quite reasonable and affordable for authors of all statures. Even if one has never considered writing for the fields of metaphysics, new age, religion or spirituality, one should seriously consider working with our organization; it can be quite profitable on all levels. Moreover, e-publishing is an excellent way to promote any product or service. Most people who have published in this area know perfectly well that it is not something for which they necessarily planned.

Religious or spiritual manuscripts fall in our laps as messages from "the gods" that must be mass disseminated! Many of us realize that some of the best manuscripts of all times are spiritual/religious in nature such as Srimad Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatham, the Bible, the Koran and the Torah. These kinds of manuscripts are so powerful because religious principles can never die, so they often have unlimited shelf life and income potential. Now, it is time to take that manuscript of yours and use it as the greatest personal asset and blessing that you may ever have.

Aside from our publishing endeavors, we also focus on distributing information as a resource for the world of religion and spirituality. We strive to teach our disciples and publics about the stark realities of mind over matter, and how yoga itself directly connects to the most powerful manifestations of mystic/psychic abilities. Along these lines, we arm the world with the knowledge, services, information, and sacred-technologies for permanently and positively transforming karma, communicating with God, inducing consciousness, and facilitating positive permanent change.

Please note that there is a screening process for all content, where we determine if it a work is one that we will accept and help to publish. We are quite different from other metaphysical, spiritual and religious publishing organizations in the sense that we offer a very cutting edge and comprehensive suite of services focused on leveraging e-commerce and the distribution of digital content for your manuscript, treatise or other literature.

More resources are constantly being made available, which provide the information and tools that you need to restore direct connection with the Ultimate Reality and the Absolute Truth. The most critical thing in life is determining "who" or "what" God is for yourself, and reuniting with that "Supreme Reality" via the mystic process of transcendental yoga and meditation (TM).SKBYI is an invaluable resource for learning about how to merge with God directly using the highest yogic precepts. We are committed to disseminating the message of manifestation through divine power that is experienced first hand via karma-yoga, spiritual conditioning and essential energy healing. Anybody can take more control over their lives and manifest everything needed, by taking full advantage of the resources that we provide! Watch your cup overflow like never before, as you merge with God in yoga under the Divine Guidance of the Great Gurujis.

The process of true yoga gradually and naturally leads us to communicating with God directly and experience that Divine Power (Shakti) firsthand. Psychokinesis (PK) is a distinct cosmic energetic phenomenon that is available for anybody to utilize, for directly benefiting your life like never before. By recieving the power from the Gurus, this divine energy begins to fill you up, move through you wherever you are, and you have direct access to it. You can learn much more about how this works in the manuscript entitled This Is PK Mind Over Matter by Guru Gitaji. PK is undeniably a valid phenomenon that can benefit Human Life, if we only learn how to control it!

We invite people from all spiritual paths to take advantage of our resources and information for experiencing God, and working with cosmic/celestial energies. Our more flexible spiritual perspective springs from our unwavering faith in the words of Lord Sri Krsna within Srimad Bhagavad-Gita. In the Gita, Lord Sri Krsna plainly advises everybody to simply "abandon all varieties of religion and surrender" unto the Supreme as the highest religious Functioning Principle (FP)! We maintain that surrendering unto the highest power is the most effective path for self help, personal improvement, karmic change, and inducing consciousness through the practice of yoga and transcendental meditation (TM).

Although in life we all face one trying circumstance after the next, God is always in control and by serving Him we are granted with direct psychokinetic control over matter! The FP Discovery is direct proof of this fact. Since we can not get something for nothing, our main duty should be seeking to understand the Supreme Controller if we want happiness, rather than imposing our subordinant expectations on the Supreme. SKBYI provides many useful resources for learning about communicating with God, creating a healthy spiritual life, and inducing consciousness that is dovetailed with the Divine. Based on the Divine mercy and benevolence of Lord Gita Sudarshananandaji, we recognize the importance of the connections between transcendental science (i.e. yoga) and psychokinesis ("PK" or "telekinesis") with respect to quantum manifestation power and mind over matter.

SKBYI supplies a wide range of tools and information needed for essential energy healing, spiritual growth, inducing consciousness, communicating with God, and working with God harmoniously for experiencing the highest power. SKBYI espouses that perpetual spiritual ecstasy is the secret to all effective self help, manifesation, karmic change and taking back control of your life on all levels. By understanding how to work with God's Divine Feminine Energy(Shaktipat-Kundalini), life becomes a totally new adventure that effervesces with "perpetual spiritual ecstasy." That most sublime state is quite similar to Buddhism Nirvana. However, it is distinct from Buddhism Nirvana, in the sense that the perpetual spiritual ecstacy results from inducing consciousness in yoga that fosters manifestations of divine power in your life. Perpetual spiritual ecstasy is produced by unwaivering love and devotion to God, but that is not possible for so many people who are too absorbed in materialism!

To illustrate this further, the love of money is the root of all evil because it opens the door for evil to enter your life. Not merely because money itself is evil per se. For example, if you will do anything for money, then how can you keep evil out of your life? Even if one needs money, often times one must deal with evil that can be literally felt so much that it almost can be "cut with a knife." Imagine how much more evil we are subjected to when we develop actual love of money. In reality, love of the only one God, and communicating with God in yoga is the only way out of the hell hole that Humanity has created for itself and the planet as a whole.

Evil is associated with unhappiness, which is situated in the demoniac mode of evil. On the other hand, the mode of Goodness is associated with the state of happiness, bliss and perpetual spiritual ecstasy! Accurate understanding and interpretation of any "religious" or "yogic" scriptures is only possible through higher spiritual awareness, clearing the sense, and inducing higher consciousness in yoga. At SKBYI, we principally focus on the Vedic scriptures, as we are convinced that they are most closely associated with God. For many people the Vedas is something totally new, which is good, as everday should be a learning experience! Corruption of the scriptures in our time is so prevalent, while the erosion of real religious principles and information is proliferating on an unprecedental scale.

That is why people are finding it harder and harder to differentiate right from wrong action and good from evil. Communicating with God and inducing consciousness in yoga are the keys to supreme everlasting happiness in all of our lives. We can see by now why our grossly and increasingly materialistsic society is fraught with unhappiness. We are here to help you assume a more secure spiritual existence and evolve out of material absorbtion, which is essential for attaining eternal life! SKBYI serves to lift the veil of delusion that blinds souls from the seeing the Supreme, by disseminating bonified and authoritative transcendental knowledge. We understand that there is a guru in everybody, so we give the world a chance to spread higher knowledge and awareness.

Union with God is the supreme yogic achievement for elevating the consciousness, self actualization, communicating with God, inducing consciousness, spiritual realization, physical manifestation and enlightenment! Since introspection and contemplation on the forms of God and His nature is paramount in discoveriung God, we provide resources and tools to help you along the way. Our central position is that God is unequivicolly real and can be experienced firsthand through the practice of mystic royal yoga. Secondarily, we strive to demonstrate to you that PK Force from the "spiritual world" is highly beneficial for Humanity and our universe as a whole.

We want you to develop your PK abilities to the fullest, and in the right way, rather than wasting your divine potential! Communicating with God in yoga, as an actual person is the best way for inducing consciousness that is one with the divine. So many people believe in God, worship God and yet they still live as victims of unhappiness and misery. Why is that happening if there is a God?? First off, we want to assure you that God is very real, and that we must first seek to understand God. For example, the FP Discovery gives us all direct proof of a higher power that is supremely intelligent and all pervasive. God has appointed Guruji Gita as one of many a divine messengers in this age of darkness, ignorance, misfortune and peril known as "Kali-yuga to uide souls in the right direction." There are many more out there, and we help them to communicate and disseminate their gifts with the world via quality and professional journalism.

Far too often we impose our own inferior standards and expectations on that which is inherently Supreme and authoritative. We grow hostile and dissapointed when things do not go our way, and blame God for everything wrong. If we learn to understand God by merging with the ultimate reality via transcendental yoga and meditation, then it is possible to undersatand God and become liberated from all contamination!

So who exactly is this "Supreme Person?" That must be determined through your own karma and experience. To each His own! However, it is our duty to help you make an informed and educated decision about who you should serve and worship. Inducing consciousness by communicating with God in yoga indeed helps one to make this determination with ease. Also mediation on spiritual matters fosters groewth and advancement, which is why we are here to publish and distribute that kind of information which is inherently purifying. Of course, there are countless approaches to inducing consciousness with the divine and communicating with God. SKBYI is here to guide you the highest and most effective approaches to connecting with the highest power.

The purpose of Human life to determine for ourselves what the Supreme (God) is and communicate with it for higher evolution. So the search for God definately can not wait. Intimately communicating with God in transcendental yoga is the key to determining who He is for yourself. The FP Discovery is certainly one way that God has chosen to objectively manifest to many people on this planet in our time! So it is a very exciting discovery for all who have experienced it or have the intelligence to believe in it. Although the scientific community in the West is admittedly still confused about psychokinesis (PK), its true nature and how it works, these researchers readily acknowledge that PK has "unlimited" manifestation potential. We know that this infinate potential only results from reuniting with God, thereby inducing consciousness that is transcendental to matter itself. SKBYI Society maintains that Communicating with God in yoga is our only hope. OM!!!